My Favourite Romantic Movies

I’m a sucker for romantic story. Films, books, tv shows – you name it, I’ll be interested in it.

Since the finale of The Bachelor aired yesterday (albeit, with quite a disappointing conclusion), I thought it was only fitting to keep what love is left in the air by doing a romance-themed blog post. In this one, I’ll be sharing five of my favourite romantic movies.

Me Before You

This one’s definitely a tear jerker! I read the book prior to watching the film and absolutely loved it, and the movie did not disappoint either. Lou Clark is one of my favourite characters of all time and Emilia Clarke did a fantastic job of bringing her to life.

The Vow

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams – what more could you ask for? No, but seriously, I really enjoyed this movie; however, I must admit, if I woke up and Channing Tatum was my husband, I wouldn’t be complaining! πŸ˜‰

Love Rosie

To be completely honest, I’ll watch anything Sam Claflin’s in, and the chemistry between his and Lily Collins’ characters is amazing! Heartwarming and hilarious, it’s the perfect rom-com that explores the ups and downs of life.

The Holiday

I couldn’t do this post without a Christmas themed film! While many go for Love Actually, I personally prefer The Holiday as my romantic Christmas movie of choice.

The Notebook

Did you think I could not include The Notebook? It’s a classic romantic film, especially for my generation. Such a lovely story.

What’s your favourite romantic film?

– Karen xx

32 thoughts on “My Favourite Romantic Movies

  1. I haven’t seen Me Before You but I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages! The first time I watched the notebook I sobbed lol!! I’m feeling a romantic film night/takeaway tomorrow now πŸ™‚ thanks x


  2. I’ve seen all of these movies but I’ve got to say, there’s a lot more romantic movies out there! You haven’t lived girl 🀣

    – like crazy
    – safe haven
    – the best of me
    – pretty woman
    – dirty dancing
    – endless love


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  3. You’ve convinced me to watch The Holiday again! When I watched it last I wasn’t really paying attention but I’ll have to check it out again :D. I really do love Love Actually though, probably more to do with it being tradition to watch it with my mum every year! And oh, the Notebook! Had me in tears the first time I watched it! x


  4. Aw Karen this is such a great list! I haven’t watched all of them, but definitely need to considering The Notebook is such a great classic. I have a cheesy favorite- A Walk To Remember. Will always love that movie even though now it is soo dated and pretty corny haha.


  5. There are a couple of these I actually haven’t seen! Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely be checking them out next time I need a romantic movie!


  6. I haven’t seen any of these moviesπŸ˜”. I am quickly realising that my rom-com knowledge is very limited lol. But a film that I saw recently and absolutely loved is ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ 😬


  7. I’m also a sucker for romance, oh I love a good romance and yes, I’m so happy one of my favorites is here, which is ‘ me before you’ ahhhhhh, it was amazing ‘ somewhat like the fault in our stars’ such beautiful and pure love😭. I would love to see more of your romantic movies, keep on updating! I’ll check the rest.


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